i’m sure there are many sites out there that could probably help you out on your day-to-day PC activities. as some people are fond of saying, “Google is your friend” and well, i’ve been prettyx mark PC well-acquainted with Mr. Google Search Engine and have found answers to some of my PC problems. This blog is/will be the output of my endless search for things (tips, tweaks, tricks and free stuff) about your average PC and most everything connected to it. 🙂 yay!!!

ok, for starters, i’ll be confessing about my PC proficiency background:

1. No, i’m not a PC technician nor a software engineer. i’m an average Joe looking for answers to my PC problems.

2. Yes, i’m a frustrated PC technician and engineer. That’s why Google has been my good companion in looking for solutions to my problems.

3. I own a laptop and an old, old, old, old Pentium 133 MHz PC with a whopping 16MB of RAM.

4. I fancy nice little applets and programs that make life really wonderful.

5. I wish i knew how to be a Linux Administrator. You see, most people “trust” only those who have higher knowledge of all things hi-tech and advanced. But the normal home user of a PC has only problems like, my PC won’t start, or i think i have a virus, how do i get rid of it? I’d like to offer easy, low/no-cost solutions to your problems. Hence, the blog name. 🙂

There’ll be lots to cover. And I know my blog will pretty much be outdated whenever i can’t catch up on the things that people want or want answered. But I still hope the things i post will be beneficial and USEFUL to you.



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