my desktop

My dissected desktop

wallpaper: courtesy of InterfaceLIFT

theme: VistaXP

dock: Aquadock

widgets: Yahoo! Widgets (basic widgets + Info101, TremorSkimmer)

my desktop

I try to keep my desktop tidy so i use Aquadock. The programs and tools i use are always ready at the top, so i don’t have to click Start -> Programs -> (wait 4 seconds) whatever program folder -> whichever program. See the long process? (sense my impatience? :D)

The most useful widgets for me are TremorSkimmer and Info101 at least. TremorSkimmer lets me do my job: monitor earthquakes, and Info101 lets me monitor my laptop. (Geek alert) so they’re there at the desktop, always showing me stuff i WANT to know. 😛 And the Digital Clock? Set the Alarm for Lunch. 🙂


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