i detest you: folder lock

happily browsing for security apps one day and then I found this: http://www.newsoftwares.com/folderlock

I admit, their testimonials were pretty convincing. I got to the “free downloads” section and installed it on my computer and, well, it worked the way i wanted it to work. It securely locked my preciously sensitive files and, keeping my password close, nobody ever saw them… until today.

My trial version expired after 35 runs of the program. OK, no harm there. I knew it was a trial after all. Having TruCrypt anyway, I thought I could be parting with an easier and useful program. (I was seriously considering removing TruCrypt after using Folder Lock) But Lo and BEHOLD! After going through the program’s uninstall process, IT WAS STILL THERE!!!

Google, being my trusty friend in need, found me some sites and people with the same problems!

VERDICT: Folder Lock may be really easy to use and quite useful, but it gives people like me ,who finally decided to get rid of it but can’t,  BIG HEADACHES! Now I’m stuck with it occupying registry entries and 3Mb of disk space. Woe is that small mp3 file that could fit into my HDD’s sectors.

I’m now looking for uninstall programs. Will update soon… My mantra for today: MORIR! MORIR Folder Lock!


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