i detest you: folder lock (part 2)

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I’ve permanently decided to never use FolderLock. Why? it’s got issues with Windows Movie Maker! sheesh… How dirty can a “useful” program get?

I was supposed to prepare a video presentation/introduction to our project. I volunteered to make the video since it was a pretty simple thing with WMM pre-installed. Of course, there are no fancy effects, just straightforward pics, a little animation and text, just so it wouldn’t be oh so boring with the usual PowerPoint presentations. But importing stuff became a problem. I COULDN’T IMPORT ANYTHING. I close WMM, open it, and then the files I imported are now in my Collections folder. OK, maybe it’s a bug when I updated Windows last time. I dragged them on the Timeline to start going to work and they wouldn’t line up!

And after that, lots of attempts to fix it, thinking that WMM was the problem. But it wasn’t WMM after all! Thank you to Desilucy’s Place for discovering it earlier. Saved me a lot of trouble…

My advice to everyone: uninstall FolderLock (assuming you can) immediately…

FolderLock Verdict:

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One thought on “i detest you: folder lock (part 2)

  1. I can’t access my locked files . (over 10 GIGA of data may be lost)
    I can only see my files and folder structure but can’t open them (for example for .doc files it says “.. user does not have acess privileges ..”)
    Help me if you can

    this might help. try to check it out. i think it has to do something with file ownership.
    do visit back. 🙂

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