Large-/wide-format scanners. God almighty! They’re how much?!?!

The project we’re proposing for next year requires us to scan large-format paper. 36″x12″ to be exact. You might be telling me that i could do that by doing multiple scans to cover the whole 36″x12″. Just one question: would you do that 300,000 times? I did a little calculation and found that if my job (full-time = 44 hours a week) was to do this and ONLY this task with 10 minutes for each sheet, it would take me 20 years to finish! 20 YEARS! Now I could go bragging, “I have expertise in, uhhh… scanning documents!”

Well, with that out of the way (yeah, determined my fate in 20 years), I canvassed what would be ideal for our needs. We would basically need a monochrome scanner that can scan the paper, probably automatically store it to a file, and at least 300dpi resolution. Anything better is very much welcome (say color scanning and 600dpi or higher). And thank goodness I found some! I’ll just be naming the manufacturers that have distributors in our country…

  • Contex
  • Vidar
  • Kodak/Colortrac

And I thought my problems are solved… But noooooo… I actually have to justify the purchase! And they’re around XXX 500,000.00!!! HALF A MILLION! In a third-world country, it’s hard to come by. And if funders of projects were to see this expenditure for equipment without profit, they might tell me that they think I’m joking!

Deep breaths… inhale, exhale… inhale, inhale some more, exhale… Stress management should be part of healthcare, really…


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