reaping the benefits

i enjoy EverNote!!!

I still can’t say I love it. I just enjoy it! It has now become my personal journal in my PC. The chronological scroll it uses is very useful for backtracking memories and ideas. It may not be the #1 organizational tool, but it does give me joy and excitement when I begin typing stuff. So it may not be the OneNote replacement that I hoped for but it sure is handy and helpful in my personal life. 🙂

I’m now set on looking for a Barbie Dress-Up game. Is there one free on the internet nowadays? It has to work offline for my niece to use.  We still haven’t got that internet connection yet as I am still working on that project of mine. Parts don’t come cheap y’know. And funding is hard to come by.

God I wish you’d grant me the lotto pot money…


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