success!!! (ff finally!)

I was almost converted to Opera… Not that it’s a bad thing. I think I’m just really attached to my Firefox browser. It’s simple and I’m already at ease with it. With how it works and manages my net browsing. However, it’s been bugging me lately about these updates. Updates are good because you get your PC secured and bugs fixed and issues settled. But it couldn’tn update FF for the longest time. What I had to do was uninstall the old version, rename the old folder containing firefox, and THEN install the updated FF version.

It’s a chore to have to go through such lengths to “enjoy” an update. And then thanks to Richard Davies who discovered this wonderful thing, I no longer have to uninstall-install FF whenever I update. The culprit was apparently my docking application AquaDock! Besides being a useful thing on and responsible for my wonderfully clutter-free desktop,  it apparently monitors the directories where my shortcuts are linked to. So it actually prevents me from updating FF!

The quick solution? Close Aquadock for a while and then run firefox from the Start Menu and get your update! Easy!

Hats off to you Richard!


2 thoughts on “success!!! (ff finally!)

  1. I’m glad I was able to help! This thing drove me crazy for the longest time too. I thought that I was the only one who couldn’t ever get Firefox updates to work correctly. But since I posted my solution, I’ve discovered that I wasn’t alone…

    BTW, I believe that it monitors the actual executable file, not the directory it’s stored in. My guess is that it attaches itself to the file in some way so that it can indicate on the dock if the program is currently running or not. And I’ve found that Firefox’s upgrade isn’t the only program that is affected by this.

    hey hey! thanks for clearing that up. it’s my theory… we are not alone, whatever problem we have. 🙂 heehee… again, thanks for finding the solution! saved me alot of time.

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