unlocker kills folderlock!!!

after the success with Firefox updates, I have now also succeeded in removing FolderLock from my computer system COMPLETELY. Thanks to Unlocker!

It’s basically a tool that ignores the error/warning messages you get from Windows and erases whichever file or folder you want to delete but can’t. As you’ve learned, this was what I was faced with in trying to uninstall that blasted FolderLock application.

I still stare at my Program Files folder with a smile (more like a smirk) on my face seeing it’s absolutely clean from that FolderLock folder. Aaaaaahhhh… peace at last!

Don’t think it’s just troubleshooting FolderLock you need. It’s removing it that solves your headaches. (I must really be angry with it, aint I)


3 thoughts on “unlocker kills folderlock!!!

  1. FolderLock is an Evil menace! I instantly hated the stupid trendy interface – it’s supposed to be for hiding things so why is it so noticable? When it try to uninstall it the uninstall just closes the program. Thanks for the tip about Unlocker.

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