why uninstall aquadock on vista

I honestly was shocked when I saw that people were looking for ways of uninstalling AquaDock (yep, that wonderful program I’ve been raving about). I just don’t get it. Is it because there is a conflict with Windows Vista?

My suggestion: UNINSTALL VISTA!



4 thoughts on “why uninstall aquadock on vista

  1. IDIOT!!! AQUA DOCK IS A TROJAN!!! its just malware that fucks up your computer!! if u had a decent antivirus it will hgad notified you before you installed it,, for SAFE downloading soft(including docks) go to download.com
    try rocketdock or objectdock cause these arent actually a trojan!!! if u want to fuck up your computer go on, i don’t care but stop “raving about” it cause people will acutully donwload it

    uhhhh… ok. would’ve appreciated it more without all the swearing, though. maybe it does. i know rocketdock and i think it takes up too much memory/system resources. as for my computer getting messed up, well, it does have some issues with other programs. minor ones (for me at least). now that you mentioned objectdock, i hope i can test it one of these days. maybe i’ll switch, after learning about this trojan in aquadock. πŸ™‚

  2. aquadock sux! i downloadet it becouse objectdock dousnt work on my computer,
    and when i tried to start it, it sayd that it only works for windows xp!
    so i tried the uninstaller but it dousnt work, so i tried some other ways but in the end i had to use a BACKUP from the last java update to fix it!

    i downloadet rocketdock and i think its the best dock ever!
    its fast and it has tons of skins and icons!

    did i forget to mention? i switched to rocketdock already. πŸ˜€

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