had similar problems?

I have this USB flash drive cum radio cum mp3 player cum amv player (to many ‘cums’ don’t  you think?). It’s been working fine. Until yesterday.

Ever believed in Murphy’s Law?

If something can go wrong, it will

I was supposed to transfer the files for a presentation to my USB flash drive cum radio cum mp3 player cum amv player (WHEW!) to carry to the other laptop used for the presentation. And then IT happened — I plugged it in but the computer didn’t recognize the removable drive! “uh-oh…”

Went to my laptop and plugged it in. Nothing. It shows that it’s charging the battery. But why in the world would it not see the drive?! Why can’t it recognize the flash disk!? I already tried that trick of uninstalling the USB port and have Windows recognize it. It worked… in recognized the USB ports but not the flash disk! And to make it more headache inducing, my USB mouse and keyboard are working perfectly! (you CAN read what i’m typing using these devices right? Otherwise, I should be waking up. It’s 8:19 and I’m late for work!) But I AM at work. I’m not dreaming…

The mp3 player, the radio, the amv player… every component is working on the player itself. So as a standalone instrument, it’s fine. But now, i’m stuck with all the mp3s on it. Plus one episode of Top Gear! tsk, tsk… *big sigh*


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