need download assistance?

I don’t know if there are other download accelerators/managers out there right now. Actually, I’m a bit of wary about downloading stuff now because of security problems at the office. Plus I really don’t enjoy having to run another program in the background that pops up only during downloading sessions. I can’t even quantify or prove that it helps accelerate download speeds! Nevertheless, some of the functionalities of Free Download Manager (FDM) are quite helpful to me who, oftentimes, need to download a list of stuff (a.k.a. work-unrelated videos, mp3s, etc.) from source sites. Plus, if there are html tutorials that I find helpful (this time work-related), it gives me the option to download pages and pages of sites without having to go through the File>Save routine everytime! That saves a lot of time…Right now, I haven’t explored the power of FDM to its full capacity. I primarily use it for, well, downloading stuff on the net! (what else is there anyway, you nitwit!?) But at the back of my mind, I ask myself, “is there something better out there?” and “is it really worth keeping it on your hard drive”… I hope somebody can give me answers.


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