older parts are harder to come by

the downside to owning an old, functioning PC that does what you want is that when you finally want to upgrade, the parts are either already obsolete or they’re pretty hard to find. take, for instance, my trusty Pentium 133MHz – 16Mb RAM – 10Gig (but only recognizes 8-point-something) HDD PC. i finally decided that it was too slow. how do i improve it? BUY A NEW PC! haha… but actually, the easiest way to ‘improve’ your PC’s general performance is to add more RAM. unfortunately, how do i look for decade-old RAM modules?! Shops will probably think I’m putting up a museum when I ask for them.

RAMBut that’s hopeless now. My girl’s PC needs an upgrade. Hers is way younger than my PC at home. P4 1.7GHz PC with about 60 Gigabytes of HD space and 128Mb or RAM. Not bad for a PC that’s opened occasionally. It was good enough for basic C programming ang wordprocessing for school reports and spreadsheets for her mom’s computations of grades. That was about 5 years ago. So now, our project is to upgrade it. And as I mentioned, more RAM is always good.

So off I went in search of 512Mb of RAM. Her motherboard’s an Asus P4B533. Googling it, I found out it works with PC266 (great! *rolls eyes*). Phoned a shop to ask for this particular memory module and then learned that they only offer PC400 nowadays and PC266 is obsolete! Depressed, I tried other shops that are farther from my office. Still no luck. Darnit!

Again, another day at work and I Googled for compatibility. Apparently the motherboard can still use the PC400 RAM module but will only operate it at 266 speed! I was not quite sure if this will be successful but I took the risk. I bought the PC400 RAM from the shop and now gave it to my girlfriend. So far, she hasn’t installed it yet. Which is why I’m still nervous about it. What if it doesn’t work? What if I wasted money on memory I can’t use! (hmm… sounds like something located above my neck)

So, did I do right? Will it really work? I told you I’m no expert on PCs. I just know the basics. I hope it works. I’m praying it works…

Wish I had a cat who could confirm what I bought or install it for me.

cat tech support


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