speaker dilemma

Right now, I’m quite in a bit of a dilemma. Because my mouse’s roller/middle button broke, I had to buy a new one immediately so I can go back to work. I didn’t want to buy one of those cheaper ones again so I bought myself this:

a4tech X5 office mouse

It’s basically what I need (and like) in a mouse. Comfortable, cheaper than a Laser mouse (it uses what a4tech calls GLaser “Run on Shine” technology), and has little nice additional buttons. 🙂 Now I can use it on my $0.50 mouse pad which I couldn’t use before with my optical mouse. I always had to put a sheet of paper over it so it won’t see the pattern design on the mouse pad.

So it cost me about $12.00 for the mouse.  But what I was saving up for was actually a new desktop hard disk drive! So now, having less money for the HDD, I’m thinking what could I buy. I could buy stuff I wanted but less priority over the HDD. I’m now thinking of buying speakers for my PC at home. The candidates:

2.0 speakers

Creative Inspire T10

Nice looks,  separate tweeters from the main drivers but a tad bit too pricey for me. Creative are known for their clarity of sound produced and say that the drivers are good enough to substitute a woofer. hmmm…

Altec Lansing VS2420

Also looks nice in matte black (I think) but with a driver and a passive radiator in each box. So expect bass to come out fine, but I dunno if the full-range driver will be enough for clarity. Also, price is about $25.00 cheaper! And it comes with a built-in microphone, too.

2.1 speakers

Creative has a wider range of 2.1 speakers. But what would best suit me? I don’t know! Altec Lansing has a few of ’em but the styling is what gets to me. Altec Lansing VS2421 has a great looking 2.1 system for show-off. And the front-firing woofer seems, to me, a great center of attraction. It’s this purplish red ring around the middle that looks so well with the woofer bouncing. The satellites have tweeters which will produce great high frequency sounds.

Creative’s SBS350 is a basic cube-structured 2.1 system. Simple and does a good job. SBS A300 looks nice but the woofer just gets to me, with that gray cover on it. The satellites look very nice and stylish, displaying the whole driver for you to admire. The Inspire M2600 and T3100 have the same look but the T3100 has tweeters on its satellites which makes it more expensive than the M2600.

Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!! I would like to be objective about this but I don’t know if I could live with the decision I will be making if I selected the wrong set of speakers.  Anybody willing to lend me a hand?


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