My Favorite Yahoo! Widgets

Eversince I discovered Yahoo! Widgets, I’ve always been on the prowl for useful widgets for myself in the office. Not necessarily for productivity but for the FYI stuff — general information.

My fave Y! Widget would be the World Clock widget. You get to run multiple copies of the widget and set them at different major cities in the world and get a view of the times in those cities simultaneously. Arrange them in any way you like! Diagonal, across the top of the desktop, at the bottom, like a flower, it’s up to you. And then the face of the clock shows you the ‘lighting’ at that area at the time. so if it’s 3 AM, it’s going to be dark. At 6 AM, it’ll be reddish or orange to indicate it’s dawn in the area… neat huh? (yeah, in a geeky kind of way).


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