it’s a no-brainer

I finally got myself a digital camera! woot woot!!! 🙂

Only thing is that it’s not what I really really REALLY wanted. Mainly because of the budget limitation, I had to buy a ‘reasonable’ (read: cheap) digital camera. Guess what I ended up with…


Kodak easyshare c613

It’s the Kodak EasyShare C613. It’s a 6.2MP digital camera with 3x optical zoom and image stabilization capability. It’s your basic digital camera that is meant for those who just want to point, shoot, and leave everything to their camera to decide what’s best. Of course, there are options that you can manually select such as flash, white balance, ISO settings, size (in MP), etc. But as of now, I don’t have time to read up on how white balance and ISO settings would affect the quality of my pictures. All I know is that if it’s dark, put the flash on. If you want to take more pictures and save disk space, put it on a lower MP setting.

But that’s just it. With those basic things on my mind, I have seen the pros and cons of this camera. Here are some points for you to see and consider:

Looks. It’s not in a sleek package. Owing to the power source (2xAA batteries), it has a bulky right side but offers no substantial grip. It feels like it’ll just slide from your hands… or is that just me? I have big hands so it feels a bit too ‘small’ for me. I think you can also get this camera in another color — black, which to me is not as good looking as the pearly off-white silvery one that I have.

Feel. For its bulky appearance, it is actually a light camera. So light in fact that it feels like it’s a toy. But since you know it’s an electronic gadget, it feels fragile and you just want to cradle it in your arms. Or store it in your bag in bubble wrap. There’s no feel of it being a solid item that you can just chuck it in your bag and bring it everywhere you go.

Tools. From the camera, you can already do some editing to your photos. Crop, adjust the color, mark your favorites, and has the EasyShare button at your fingertips right on the camera. So lots can be done with your pictures even without a computer. I also like the “undo delete” option since I fumble with the keys and don’t pay enough attention to menus. 😛

Other features of the camera are the preset scenes that adjusts the camera’s settings automatically to the situation/scene you are in. Wanna shoot fireworks? A self portrait? Food? Sunny beach? Sunset? Documents? In the snow? Just select and forget. That simple! It may be a nice thing if you don’t want to mess around with the controls and how your picture will look in the end. It’s more of capturing whatever is going on around you.

But if you have the patience, this camera can also be a steal if you think about it. Well, OK, it’s stretching it a bit but it can take decent pictures. You just have to adjust to the camera. No macro mode available so just step back a little, focus on the object then maybe crop the picture after. *sigh* So there. It’s a decent, reasonably priced digital camera around US$ 150.00 in my country. Price will be lower actually if you’re from the US. 🙂 For its features, it’s actually a good buy.


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