OK, so now i have new digital camera. And expenses on batteries are summing up to a hefty price tag. And that’s a bad thing.

I initially thought of having ordinary Alkaline batteries for use with the camera well, since i wasn’t going to use it often. I thought that I’d just be using it occasionally — during birthdays, during special events, during swimming parties, etc. But in the end, I ended up using it every day! I took pictures on the bus, I took pictures of my room, I took pictures of the garden, I want to take pictures of the house, I took pictures of the road, I took pictures of the office grounds, I even took a picture of my coffee mug! And I’m officially a snap-happy individual! I’m a shutter-click-aholic. I’m not a cam whore. I just lurve taking pictures!

So now, I was resolved in buying rechargeable batteries. And, after Google-ing stuff and doing a little research, I finally decided to get Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries. Well, they claim to last longer in storage than your conventional rechargeables. You lose 25% of your battery charge in 6 months in ordinary ones but you lose just 5% on eneloops. How convenient for the ‘occasional’ photographer!

eneloop batteries

I now own 2 pairs of eneloops for backup power while keeping another pair of ordinary but 2700mAh rechargeables. eneloops are 2000mAh by the way. That’ll keep me clicking happily for a long time without charging I guess. 🙂


One thought on “eneloop

  1. The eneloops are great, i have had them for awhile and love em. I need to find a larger capacity charger for home use.

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