Updated XP. Should You Shift to Vista?

Got the Service Pack 3 from Microsoft. And from what I heard, it’ll be well worth it. Why? Because most people will be ignoring Vista despite its Service Pack release (yeah, I think SP1 for Vista coincided with SP3 for XP).

I honestly don’t see why Vista needs to be so demanding with hardware. It’s buggy, it’s got conflicts with other hardware, it’s a pain in the neck. While XP does most of the stuff that you do (errr… I’m assuming you’re just like me who writes on a wordprocessor, does some computation on a spreadsheet and does presentations at school/work/etc.)


One thought on “Updated XP. Should You Shift to Vista?

  1. Well I used to think the same before actually using Vista… and since I am a big fan of nice user interfaces, or just pretty looking (will always hate h4xor 1970 software like VI, because frankly I don’t think being nerd is cool at all), I was compelled to upgrade.
    And boy was I wrong, everything works pretty well in Vista, no problems at all, and I am a serious power user in many fields (which means a shitload of software loaded, all kinds). Even really old hardware like my brand-less Webcam worked like a charm.
    I think the only con is 64-bits version, but as far as the 32-bits one i concerned, I’m pretty happy.
    Yes, it’s demanding, but maybe I’m one of the few users in the planet who doesn’t care a given application is using more than 1 MB of RAM, because I have plenty of it, and 2 GB have been enough so far.

    Maybe, if you haven’t, try it, you might end up not regretting the change at all šŸ˜‰

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