tad too late?

i’ve never been attracted to the iPod thing before. I always though of them as expensive, overpriced music players that lacked the functionality of a phone for the steep price. I dreamed of owning one because 1.)it looked cool and 2.)it’s a status symbol. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be part of the ‘elite’ in a third-world country where Macs and iPods are for the rich and famous?

But i had to settle for those generic mp3 players made in China that had LCD screens on them too. OK, so they weren’t as sophisticated and hi-tech as the iPods but they followed functionality over form (but not quality, i guess. :P). They stored music, videos (but in their own format, unfortunately), pictures, files, and had voice recording capabilities! It even had an FM radio tuner! And I could just plug it in a USB port and drag-and-drop files… iPod doesn’t do that. It requires you to have iTunes installed. You need mp3 files and have to convert wma to aac or mp3 first. and no radio! GRRRRRRR…

Nevertheless, the iPod still sells. And it’s marketing itself very well, with their newer, sleeker, fancier, cooler, brighter iPods. It’s still very much a symbol of financial affluence but have divided their market to include ‘low-end’ products. That’s what I’m gunning for now — an iPod shuffle.

Of course, it’s going to be a disappointment already since I have no FM radio. The shuffle isn’t exactly low-end. it’s just the cheapest iPod out there that I can actually afford! I’d love to have an iPod nano but it’s too expensive. Plus i don’t like the form. I’d rather have the original iPod. But that’s out of my league already… I dream of the iPod touch… I’m still dreaming. 🙂


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