got a posh girl with a laptop?

Then better start thinking about getting her one of these babies for Christmas or Thanksgiving! 😀 ahaha…

Just another find on… These laptop bags and sleeves/folders are cooler than you think. 🙂 Easily access your laptop by just unzipping the sides of the the sleeve/folder and she’s good to go! Clean-up after using your laptop’s just as easy! Close, zip the sides, flip the top, and voila! you’re good to go! Nifty idea which isn’t unique, but is handy if you’re a student. Plus you don’t have to take it out anymore making you look like you’re bragging too much about yourself. “ooohh, look at me and my laptop!”

Of course, if you’re the uber male, you wouldn’t want one of these on you. But if you’re uber female, you will love the colors of the bags and sleeves. Yeah, maybe to some, the patterns are too formal and boring but you won’t deny that they are indeed posh and must come from PoshVille. Being posh is being smart and stylish. Contact information and pricing available at PoshVille’s site.

This is NOT a paid post. If it were, i’d probably be rich by now. 🙂

Oh, and there are bags too! Not just sleeves! 🙂


3 thoughts on “got a posh girl with a laptop?

  1. is it cushioned? i want to buy one too. 🙂

    i think it would be best to ask ’em directly, Thea. AFAIK they are. 🙂 but thanks for taking a look and dropping by!

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