Google Chrome is a big Pokeball

Yeah, it’s a big Pokeball. šŸ˜€ hahaha…

But what I don’t like about it (or the one thing that’s keeping me from moving to Chrome from FF) is RSS Feeds!!!

I was happy because during setup, Chrome immediately imported my bookmarks from Firefox and I said to myself, “This is the beginning of a new internet experience!” after seeing and feeling the difference. And then came the big let-down. No RSS!!! Chrome doesn’t support RSS yet so all those Web 2.0 RSS stuff I’ve looked for and subscribed are gone in Chrome. Argh!!!

Please Google, get RSS to work with Chrome. I mean I really like the simple look and feel of Chrome. But somehow, FF still trumps you. But in all fairness, this is beta right? Please get things right. Please? Thanks!!!


3 thoughts on “Google Chrome is a big Pokeball

  1. I think they won’t integrate a RSS reader into chrome for the same reason they don’t integrate an email client:
    There’s already a web app for this:

    yeah i know about Google Reader but i want them already loaded and easily browseable on my bookmarks. plus, i don’t have to delete anything after reading a feed. yeah, there’s probably a setting for that but is it that difficult to integrate something so useful? just my POV. šŸ™‚ thanks for the comment, though peter!

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