iPod nano 3G and 4G. my take.

I’ve been honest to you guys for wanting an iPod for the longest time but couldn’t afford it. And then here comes apple with a new generation of iPod nanos! Curse you Steve Jobs! 😛

But now this got me thinking a little: now that the 4G nano is out, this means people will start selling their 3G nanos for a much lower price in order to ‘get with the program’ and buy the 4G! My dilemma would then be this: should I take advantage of the uber cheap 3G or save up for the 4G? Lemme make a comparison slash checklist:

I’m not a fan of the stocky looking 3G nano. It looks like a floor tile more than anything. If they were going for the pebble look, then maybe OK. But I really don’t buy that form. 4G is slim, long, and rounded. Haven’t had one on my hands yet so I can’t tell if it fits nice in my hand but I like how it looks.

Now the finish is back to the Anodized Aluminum in the old iPod mini (which i really crushed on with its ‘bubblegum’ color). The stainless steel that was prone to scratching and fingerprints which would’ve made any CSI detective very happy (or frustrated) is gone! Yay!!! 😀 If they made the back of the 3G brushed stainless steel and and have the Apple logo and iPod name stainless, that would’ve been better for me. 😀

Screens have similar sizes (or are they really the same screen? hmmmm… ) The landscape orientation really works for the 3G nano. But packaged in a floor tile? Not for me. 4G goes round this by having accelerometers installed where you can be in portrait or landscape viewing modes. It’s not just cool, it’s really really practical!. I wonder if they can make the clickwheel spin in the same way… 😛

Features, I can’t say much. That’s because I HAVEN’T OWNED ONE YET! (Apple, are you listening? :D) So there… it’s just a ‘first impressions’ look at the father and son tandem of iPod nanos. Getting ready to buy one?


2 thoughts on “iPod nano 3G and 4G. my take.

  1. You should go for the 4g. The 4g in my opinion looks much more sharp and sleek. The ipod 4g is basically every ipod in one, except for some of the ipod touch features. It has a wide screen, holds a decent amount of songs, portrait mode and landscape mode for better view, new shortcuts added in, and shake to shuffle! Why not just save up to buy a new ipod with more features and better looks?

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