It’s all in the image. :D

Need more time for your social networking site while at work? Here’s a nifty little program that’s reaaly popular with office-people who slave off all day.This works really well if you’re in the I.T. field. This can also work for non-tech jobs.

Fake Progress Bar 1.1 will display a little window that shows a progress bar of something that you’re doing (or what you should be doing) which requires a loooooooooooong waiting time to finish. And in this case, infinity! 😀 Just install and leave the window in the middle of your monitor and start browsing the net, watching DVDs, etc. When your supervisor asks you why you’re not doing work and browsing the net, just click the window and say, “I’m waiting for this process to finish so in the mean time, I’m just surfing the net.” 😀 Then pray that you won’t need a Jedi mind trick for it to work. 🙂

Have fun with it! 🙂


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