I’ve recently been playing around with iTunes. I don’t know if this is a subconscious preparation for my iPod acquisition (cross fingers) but I can see why people have a certain compulsion to fix their music. Especially if you’re using iTunes!!! Everything’s just looks nicer!

In the past, I’d just organize my folders in Windows and let my browsing of folders play my “playlist” (since it’s not an actual playlist. I just drag and drop music onto Windows Media Player list. No complications! But eversince I used iTunes, I just HAVE TO ORGANIZE EVERYTHING! NO EXCUSES! tsk, tsk…

But in a way, it’s a good thing. Just because i get to see duplicates, where stuff I really want played are and those that just happened to be on my PC that i actually hate! As an organizing tool, I guess, iTunes is a good application. But for the hit-the-ground-running type of guy, it just might not be the one. You have to wear your tie for iTunes. the T-shirt is suited for WMP.


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