Where should I host my pictures?

Now that digital cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper, storing photos digitally, instead of having them printed and stored in an album, is the way to go. With hard drive capacities getting larger and larger, we can store as many photos as we want on our own PCs. Then we back-up the photos if we want a certain degree of peace of mind on a second drive (either with RAID or just copying them onto another HDD).

picasa logo


And then there’s the Internet way. But which one?

I started out with Photobucket a long long time ago and frankly, I didn’t get enough motivation to keep on uploading my photos. I just upload something if I need to host a photo for a forum or some site — not primarily for backing-up or storing my entire photo library.

From what I’ve been seeing in some of my contacts, Flickr and Picasa are the more popular image-hosting sites. But which one should I go for? Picasa or Flickr? I heard that Flickr has tagging and other capabilities not present in Picasa on-line. On my PC, though, I keep the Kodak EasyShare Software that came with my digital camera. But on-line? I can’t seem to find a version for it. Needs integration, methinks…

So, which one should I go for?


One thought on “Where should I host my pictures?

  1. IMHO, picasa has the ability to upload a full size image, and not too much restriction. I have not had luck with Flickr that way.

    If you can find the way to keep the pictures full size on flickr, go there…tags help.

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