The 3M MPro 110 MicroProjector

It’s amazing how technology is going through so much micro-miniaturization that now, even a portable projector is now available!!!

3M’s MPro 110 will be coming into our local market soon. I haven’t had the chance to see the actual demonstration of the projector but I think that this is going to be a hit, considering the price and the convenience the micro projector. It’s perfect for the small group meeting you’ll be having at a friend’s house, reviewing your professor’s presentations in class. Or maybe you could show-off your vacation pics on your phone during a family dinner. And with the projected price of the micro projector, I’m sure you’ll never forgive yourself for not buying one of these.

Well, you could wait for the other companies to catch up with this technology and wait for competition to lower the prices but wouldn’t it be nice to be one of the first ones to hold the technology now? NOW?! (emotional huh?)

So now, the wishlist just got a little bit more complicated… do I get the iPhone or this? Tough decision? Nah… I’ve labeled the iPhone already as Uncool so scrap it. This baby’s got the Cool badge on it. Really cool.


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