Heart vs. Head

Does it make sense, now, to own a separate organizer when smartphones are the latest thing in technology? It’s nothing really… it’s just that I’m one of those sorry losers who can’t affort to buy them fancy Apple iPhones, Samsung Omnia, Nokia 5800 or Nseries but still want to keep organized. And lives the digital lifestyle!

My latest temptation — the old Zire 22 by Palm. It still looks cool, it’s quite presentable. And if you get tired of the white color, bring it to Gmask and choose the skin for you!

That’s just it. I want to be in the digital age, but on a budget. I’m for practicality and affordable fashion and coolness. My heart is telling me I’m on the right track. My mind tells me that getting 2 gadgets when one’s already present that can do both is a no-brainer. Now I’m a bit stuck.

But still, I think the Zire 22 is cool. B-)


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