The 9.04 Ubuntu Upgrade: Aspirin Please?

I knew I should’ve just gone with a fresh install. (lol) but wanting to ‘learn’ its dirty little secrets, I followed the upgrade procedures on the Ubuntu website. With some modifications, of course… and that’s when the headache started.

It was almost pretty simple. Update your system before installing the upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04. But being in a hurry to get home, with the large files and long download duration, I had to leave the office and have it ‘install’ itself overnight. So that I could come the next day, everything would be running in a spankin’ Jaunty Jackalope Ubuntu!

But good grief, the computer was off when I got in this morning! ARGH! so booting into Ubuntu and checking Update Manager, it seemed that I had the “partial upgrade” and just had to continue. After half of the day, the download finished and I had Jackalope finally running! 😀 with another problem — my nVidia Video Card didn’t seem to work well with the new system. Probably I said ‘yes’ to something that i should be saying ‘no’ to during the installation. Excited fanboy. (lol)

So after another 3 hours of battling it out, finally found out how to install the darn drivers. Needs a little Linux geekiness but nothing Google can’t help you with.

My suggestion, if you’re having problems with the X window manager and NVIDIA settings, check out NVIDIA’s website. They’ve got a pretty nice guide. Just be patient with reading through the material.

Also, for newbies like me, you should be a little brave and use the ‘recovery mode’ option for this. Use root and then it’s almost basic ls and sh commands. 🙂


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