Webcam and Voice Chat with a Jackalope

Now that I have Ubuntu 9.04 running at home, enabling webcam and voice chat becomes my next problem.

First off, the Ubuntu install process was funny. The PC wouldn’t load the Install screen or even run Ubuntu from the flash drive. But then I read somewhere (if you posted the solution/trick, thank you so much!) that after the initial splash screen, during a ‘no-read’ state of the flash drive, just pull it out for a second or two and then put it back in the USB slot. And amazingly, it worked! Haha… quirky little Jackalope!

After some reading, Pidgin doesn’t seem to be the perfect candidate for the webcam and voice chat feature. So I downloaded Kopete instead. After some more Google-ing, it (voice + webcam) only works on Google Talk accounts! My cousin uses Yahoo! Blech!

So now, that’s my big problem… how could I get Yahoo Messenger webcam and voice chat capabilities on Ubuntu 9.04? My Google powers are running out. So is my patience. 😛 Not really… just getting really frustrated over this small issue. Wonder if VirtualBox is the answer.


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