Linux needs a Windows 7/OS X make-over

OK. i’m happy with Ubuntu being free. I’m really happy that great effects are achievable through packages such as CompizFusion. But isn’t it about knowing how to get the effects you want — it’s GETTING them and liking them, out of the box.

I think Linux is now in a position to say where it’s going to take free and open-source software-(FOSS) desktop computers with functionality and design in mind. We like the functionality. We love how it can do things and sometimes how Linux does them better. But mostly, the things that attract people to Windows 7 and Mac OS X are those that make people say “WOW! I don’t think I can live without that effect/feature!” Sadly, Linux is more catered to the technically-inclined people. Smart people. Don’t you think those on the other side need to be ‘saved’ as well?

Well, yeah. Linus (yeah. We’re friends. First-name basis. :P) mentioned how Linux became a bloated “penguin” that it has so much stuff on it now. But I guess that’s what needs to be done if you’re going after the other senses and a larger market.

It’s like buying a car. Two cars. Same engine, same features — ceramic brakes, leather seats, air bags… Both can take you from point A to point B. But you choose the Ferrari Red color ’cause black is boring. Add a SatNav and talking woman. Add great speakers. It weighs the car down but it will sell! And those people smart enough are getting Linux are those that have the hardware and know how to maximize its use buy adding the “SatNav” and the “great speakers” by themselves. I think Linux should put them in immediately and put it in a wonderful showroom so everyone will watch out for it.

I think the same article cited above also sees how ‘slim’ Linux is compared to the 2 dominant OSes today. So it’s like comparing RAM requirements of 1998 and 2006. Right now, desktop PCs having Terabytes of space and Gigabytes of RAM, most Linux distributions are pretty slim. And pretty useful. Now, should we let all those resources ‘go to waste’ by just being there? It’s time to use ’em up. MAXIMIZE them, NOT exploit them.


What I’m ultimately targeting with this one are the simple first-time users of PCs. It’s my wish for my grandma to use a Linux PC with no problems. That’s what I’m wishing for the Linux distros. Win 7 and OS X are pretty successful with it. My prayer is for the same to happen on Linux. For older hardware, there already are ‘ultra slim’ Linux distros. So i guess that answers the ‘fatso’ issue with Linux. 😀 This post was inspired also by Lifehacker.


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