GWave Experience so far…

I was not really interested with the reinvention of the e-mail by Google a.k.a. Wave. What I understood from the stuff I’ve been seeing everywhere online is that it’s a collaborative tool for people online. It’s how e-mail ‘should have been invented’ if it were done in the 21st century. And I see the potential and can see how this is a great idea… But by limiting the number of ‘testers’, this becomes a big drawback for Wave.

I recently got an invite. And I’m like, “What now?”

I have only 2 contacts on Google Wave so far. And they’re not exactly my ‘collaborators’ in anything in particular… We can chat real-time. But that’s what an IM is for. I can’t write them any email because Google Wave IS NOT email even if you have a account. All I can send them are waves. But I don’t want to send them waves!

And then, those people that I (somehow) *need* to collaborate with, I can’t invite. Because Wave is currently on ‘preview’. So that’s just what I can do with Wave right now. PREVIEW it!

An idea just popped in my head right now. You know what Google Wave will be perfect for? It’s digging for old conversations and fights you had with your girlfriend or boyfriend and then responding to that wave. heeeheee… I’m sure soon enough, one of you will be waving ‘goodbye’ to the other…


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