Getting GRUB back after a Windows Reinstall

Windows can sometimes be a pain. It’s a good thing Linux is out there. Unfortunately, when Windows messes up (which is often), it takes Linux with it sometimes. boo…

XP was getting really slow at the office. So I jumped the gun and decided to shoot it in between the eyes (figuratively speaking of course) and had to reinstall it. I have a dual-boot machine which has Ubuntu on the other side by the way. And after the reinstall, XP assumed that it was the only thing in existence… Superiority complex? (doh)

So I had to get back my Ubuntu! I want it back coz it’s pretty! Besides, I want to discover what’s 9.10 is all about. heehee… Fortunately, The How-To Geek comes to the rescue. The following is just a reworded version:

First, boot from a Live CD. Run Terminal and type the following:

sudo grub

grub starts here and you type the following inside grub:

find boot/grub/stage1 

#(this’ll show you what to type in the next line. It basically searches where grub was installed in the ‘old’ system.)

root (hd0,0) 

#(assuming that grub is in hd0,0. change this according to the location with the find command)

setup (hd0)

Then restart your system without the LiveCD. DONE! 😀


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