How I stopped Windows 7 RC from restarting…but

It’s already March 18 and the trial period for Windows 7 RC expired weeks ago. I’ve had the unfortunate fate of not being able to afford (yet) Windows 7 Ultimate. So Windows kept on restarting after every 2 hours. Right smack in the middle of me working on unsaved documents and spreadsheets and programs!!!

So while I’m saving up for my Windows 7, my temporary solution is to set my PC date back to January of this year with the same day. Now I just have to keep in mind that it’s March, not January. 😀

But this technique doesn’t go without any problems. I’ve had security certificate problems, log-in problems on Firefox and bookmarks/RSS don’t update. A quick fix albeit tedious task to recover from RSS that don’t update is to adjust your date in the morning to TODAY and then refresh your RSS and then set it back to an earlier date.


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