tpPC Top Tip: When in doubt, fire up that Virtual Machine

image from here.

Some people like me are just too curious (or too nosy) with stuff they find. Most of the time, those things that have a sense of mystery about them are the most intriguing and you just can’t wait to open them up. Much like Pandora’s Box… and just like the same box, it sometimes holds stuff that we actually DON’T want like malware or viruses. So before you open that Flash disk or CD or DVD you found in the office, get a virtual machine first and disable all access features. This is what Lifehacker suggests after reading an study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security on government employees.

Virtual machines are now easier to find and install. If you have Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate, you can get run Virtual PC, otherwise you’ll have to look for something like VirtualBox. It’ll be worth the trouble for you and your company.

But if you have someone you hate at the office, use his or her PC instead. Haha!


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