being on Google+

I’m really not into social networking but I do have a handful of blogs, I read a lot of blogs, and I also have (yes, I’m going to say it) Facebook. But before Facebook was launched there was Friendster. I had that too but it’s dead now so… and I still have Multiply. I *tried* myspace but i was always spammed with hot girl pictures whom I suspect to be actually 200-pound middle-aged ladies in some foreign country. To say the least, myspace was “too American” for my taste.

And now, Google has come up with Google+. I honestly think this is a re-thought Google Wave + Buzz. Geeks working inside Google must’ve been thinking individually about their passions that’s why these came along separately. Facebook had nothing to work on except for a social networking base so they piled them into that platform. So I guess that worked for Facebook and then Google, not wanting to be a copycat, didn’t directly want to compete with Facebook but that was inevitable IMO.

A couple of days with Google+ has not been all rosy and cheery. I don’t like the size of fonts, images posted, and spacing. Makes me grow muscles on my index finger having to scroll down after every 2 posts by my friends! But what I do like is the way they notify you and how you can respond to them on the Notification window/drop-down menu itself. Saves loading time! And I get to format text on my statii. (isn’t the plural of status statii? :P)

So right now, the more I use Google+, the more I am attracted. But I’m not ready to jump ship yet.


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