Counterfeit Nokia BP-4L Battery?

I needed to replace my BP-4L battery so I bought one from those mall stalls. It’s one thing that they admit that they only sell imitation electronics and gadgets but it’s a different matter when you pass-off something as “original” or a genuine product when it’s really not. We hear this often as “Class A” products.

I bought this one and was told that this was “original” from Nokia. I had my doubts so I still haggled with the price a little. After opening and comparing my original BP-4L with the one from the box, it was somehow pretty evident that they were just after my money. Here are some shots I took for you to compare:

Although it may not seem fair because I’m comparing one battery that came with my Nokia phone with a replacement battery, I would think that Nokia produces the same batteries with their genuine enhancements/accessories and would differ very slightly from the ones pre-packed in the units they are selling.

First sign was the label. If you’ve heard of RTFM when having a problem, you should RTFL (label) when buying stuff. Or maybe that’s just my way of saying “Read the Fine Print” 😀 I hope you don’t buy stuff like this anytime soon.

By the way, Happy Holidays!


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