Pinspire Beta problem

I often go for the underdog. That’s why I have plurk instead of twitter. well, that is until I *needed* twitter.

So Pinterest has been making waves on the net as some “new tumblr” (which I never signed up for) and soon, Pinspire was born. People are saying that it’s almost an exact replica of Pinterest’s format, even the execution of functions. So I decided to try it out. And I lost, well, inspiration!

I signed up using the “+” method in Gmail for better email organization. I confirmed the email address using the link they sent to my account and then almost forgot about it. This morning, I was quite a bit excited seeing how someone has just followed me on Pinspire. I tried logging in but apparently, my email address has a “format error” which I could easily attribute to the “+” format email.

Since I can’t find the feedback email address for Pinspire, I’m writing my problem here and suggestion: if “+” format for email is not allowed in log-in, then don’t allow it during registration!


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