iPhone5 Cheap and iPhone5 Standard?

Apple released two of the same product today: the iPhone is now available as an iPhone5C or an iPhone5S. Everyone’s chiming in on what do C and S stand for, and we’re all having a riot filling in the meaning. Much like when the iPad came out.

iPhone5C may very well mean ‘color’ but having a plastic body means it’s looking pretty cheap — meant for the consumer market. Meanwhile, the classier/’standard’ iPhone, the iPhone5S gets a new security feature through its new fingerprint scanner integrated into the home button.

So, what’s so wrong about it?

Apple is losing money, I reckon, because of Android and the great number of handset manufacturers adopting it as their operating system. Nokia, of course, still maintains its Symbian units but until the recent acquisition by Microsoft, we think we all know how it’s going to be pretty soon. Perhaps as a last hurrah for the generations of their feature phones, the premium Nokia 515 made its debut a couple of weeks back and it really isn’t a bad move, in my opinion, most specially since we’ve been drowning in everything ‘smart’. It was quite a refreshing idea.

iPhone 5C, image from engadget.com

I don’t know if Apple felt threatened or if it’s running out of ideas. But releasing two models of the same product — a product that has a loyal following — is like being betrayed for your years of loyalty. You stick with them and buy the product because it’s a flagship premium product and then they say, “Oh, we can make more money if we sell the premium product and lower our standards a bit. Yeah. Let’s make it cheaper so we can make more money and get a bulk of consumers on our side! Let’s do that! As for our loyal ones, yeah… we have this new feature for yah. Enjoy!”

If I were a real Apple fan, I would be fuming right now.



I’ve recently been playing around with iTunes. I don’t know if this is a subconscious preparation for my iPod acquisition (cross fingers) but I can see why people have a certain compulsion to fix their music. Especially if you’re using iTunes!!! Everything’s just looks nicer!

In the past, I’d just organize my folders in Windows and let my browsing of folders play my “playlist” (since it’s not an actual playlist. I just drag and drop music onto Windows Media Player list. No complications! But eversince I used iTunes, I just HAVE TO ORGANIZE EVERYTHING! NO EXCUSES! tsk, tsk…

But in a way, it’s a good thing. Just because i get to see duplicates, where stuff I really want played are and those that just happened to be on my PC that i actually hate! As an organizing tool, I guess, iTunes is a good application. But for the hit-the-ground-running type of guy, it just might not be the one. You have to wear your tie for iTunes. the T-shirt is suited for WMP.

iPod nano 3G and 4G. my take.

I’ve been honest to you guys for wanting an iPod for the longest time but couldn’t afford it. And then here comes apple with a new generation of iPod nanos! Curse you Steve Jobs! 😛

But now this got me thinking a little: now that the 4G nano is out, this means people will start selling their 3G nanos for a much lower price in order to ‘get with the program’ and buy the 4G! My dilemma would then be this: should I take advantage of the uber cheap 3G or save up for the 4G? Lemme make a comparison slash checklist:

I’m not a fan of the stocky looking 3G nano. It looks like a floor tile more than anything. If they were going for the pebble look, then maybe OK. But I really don’t buy that form. 4G is slim, long, and rounded. Haven’t had one on my hands yet so I can’t tell if it fits nice in my hand but I like how it looks.

Now the finish is back to the Anodized Aluminum in the old iPod mini (which i really crushed on with its ‘bubblegum’ color). The stainless steel that was prone to scratching and fingerprints which would’ve made any CSI detective very happy (or frustrated) is gone! Yay!!! 😀 If they made the back of the 3G brushed stainless steel and and have the Apple logo and iPod name stainless, that would’ve been better for me. 😀
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tad too late?

i’ve never been attracted to the iPod thing before. I always though of them as expensive, overpriced music players that lacked the functionality of a phone for the steep price. I dreamed of owning one because 1.)it looked cool and 2.)it’s a status symbol. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be part of the ‘elite’ in a third-world country where Macs and iPods are for the rich and famous?

But i had to settle for those generic mp3 players made in China that had LCD screens on them too. OK, so they weren’t as sophisticated and hi-tech as the iPods but they followed functionality over form (but not quality, i guess. :P). They stored music, videos (but in their own format, unfortunately), pictures, files, and had voice recording capabilities! It even had an FM radio tuner! And I could just plug it in a USB port and drag-and-drop files… iPod doesn’t do that. It requires you to have iTunes installed. You need mp3 files and have to convert wma to aac or mp3 first. and no radio! GRRRRRRR…

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