Linux is calling again

I’ve always had this affinity for Linux. I just don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of the great ambition — to be able to have the choice of what you want with your PC and not be forced to choose from A or B. And it’s been great! Despite the setback of having big, bulky distributions such as Ubuntu, there are those that keep every good working PC alive today like CrunchBang or DamnSmallLinux or even Puppy Linux! So now, I’m trying to get my feet wet, yet again, by playing around with Linux distributions. Good thing my office machine is on Windows 7 and has a virtual machine installed.

I’ve enjoyed Ubuntu for quite some time and I’m part of the group that enjoys the eyecandy that Unity desktop offers. Yet I’m also pining for the sacrificed performance because of the same. It has definitely become a competitor between Windows and OS X but at the price of being really big and bloated. Still, I find it admirable that It has come so far from its early lean beginnings. And it is really fortunate that we have relatively lightweight versions for it: Xubuntu and Lubuntu. So that’s great news!

I tried to fire up Puppy Linux on my  machine and somehow, it doesn’t have the feel I wasn’t looking for. Simple, yes, but not clean and as refined as I would like it to be. It’s a big splash of colors and confusion in my eyes. I’m sure that’s pretty fix-able with a color scheme but that’s just it — I can’t seem to find where to adjust or change it! Oh well…


Right now, I’m downloading JoliCloud OS and Xubuntu to try out. I hope all goes well with these two distributions. I’m actually planning on using one of these for a PC I’ve been dreaming of donating to our parish in my hometown. Hope that happens soon enough. 🙂


Pinspire Beta problem

I often go for the underdog. That’s why I have plurk instead of twitter. well, that is until I *needed* twitter.

So Pinterest has been making waves on the net as some “new tumblr” (which I never signed up for) and soon, Pinspire was born. People are saying that it’s almost an exact replica of Pinterest’s format, even the execution of functions. So I decided to try it out. And I lost, well, inspiration!

I signed up using the “+” method in Gmail for better email organization. I confirmed the email address using the link they sent to my account and then almost forgot about it. This morning, I was quite a bit excited seeing how someone has just followed me on Pinspire. I tried logging in but apparently, my email address has a “format error” which I could easily attribute to the “+” format email.

Since I can’t find the feedback email address for Pinspire, I’m writing my problem here and suggestion: if “+” format for email is not allowed in log-in, then don’t allow it during registration!

iPod nano 3G and 4G. my take.

I’ve been honest to you guys for wanting an iPod for the longest time but couldn’t afford it. And then here comes apple with a new generation of iPod nanos! Curse you Steve Jobs! 😛

But now this got me thinking a little: now that the 4G nano is out, this means people will start selling their 3G nanos for a much lower price in order to ‘get with the program’ and buy the 4G! My dilemma would then be this: should I take advantage of the uber cheap 3G or save up for the 4G? Lemme make a comparison slash checklist:

I’m not a fan of the stocky looking 3G nano. It looks like a floor tile more than anything. If they were going for the pebble look, then maybe OK. But I really don’t buy that form. 4G is slim, long, and rounded. Haven’t had one on my hands yet so I can’t tell if it fits nice in my hand but I like how it looks.

Now the finish is back to the Anodized Aluminum in the old iPod mini (which i really crushed on with its ‘bubblegum’ color). The stainless steel that was prone to scratching and fingerprints which would’ve made any CSI detective very happy (or frustrated) is gone! Yay!!! 😀 If they made the back of the 3G brushed stainless steel and and have the Apple logo and iPod name stainless, that would’ve been better for me. 😀
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i detest you: folder lock

happily browsing for security apps one day and then I found this:

I admit, their testimonials were pretty convincing. I got to the “free downloads” section and installed it on my computer and, well, it worked the way i wanted it to work. It securely locked my preciously sensitive files and, keeping my password close, nobody ever saw them… until today.

My trial version expired after 35 runs of the program. OK, no harm there. I knew it was a trial after all. Having TruCrypt anyway, I thought I could be parting with an easier and useful program. (I was seriously considering removing TruCrypt after using Folder Lock) But Lo and BEHOLD! After going through the program’s uninstall process, IT WAS STILL THERE!!!

Google, being my trusty friend in need, found me some sites and people with the same problems!

VERDICT: Folder Lock may be really easy to use and quite useful, but it gives people like me ,who finally decided to get rid of it but can’t,  BIG HEADACHES! Now I’m stuck with it occupying registry entries and 3Mb of disk space. Woe is that small mp3 file that could fit into my HDD’s sectors.

I’m now looking for uninstall programs. Will update soon… My mantra for today: MORIR! MORIR Folder Lock!