Windows Media Player Plug-in Gone After Firefox 21 Update

I hate updates. Specially those that aren’t seamless. And even more when it’s your browser.

I am one of the hard-headed people who still use Firefox as their web browser even if a lot of people have been endorsing the speed and low-memory consumption of Chrome. But I don’t think I’ll be converted anytime soon… even if it has its drawbacks. Case in point: Firefox 21 update and the Windows Media Player plug-in not working after it.

Well, a quick Google of the problem showed me this discussion and the simple man’s solution, I’m reposting it here:

Rather than messing around with the registry, which can be fraught with danger – and will also need to be done every time the plugin version number changes – this is the easiest solution:

1 Open a new tab and type about:config into the address bar.
2 Click on the button that says “I’ll be careful, I promise”.
3 In the search bar at the top, type plugins.load
4 That will show you a line which says plugins.load_appdir_plugins – which will be set to false.
5 Highlight that line by right-clicking on it. Select “Toggle” – that will change the setting to true.
6 Close the tab and restart Firefox. Your missing plugin(s) should now be visible and work as before.

Was that useful to you? Drop me a “Thank You” in the comments section. And hat tip to Vitesse for the step-by-step instructions how to do it.


Pinspire Beta problem

I often go for the underdog. That’s why I have plurk instead of twitter. well, that is until I *needed* twitter.

So Pinterest has been making waves on the net as some “new tumblr” (which I never signed up for) and soon, Pinspire was born. People are saying that it’s almost an exact replica of Pinterest’s format, even the execution of functions. So I decided to try it out. And I lost, well, inspiration!

I signed up using the “+” method in Gmail for better email organization. I confirmed the email address using the link they sent to my account and then almost forgot about it. This morning, I was quite a bit excited seeing how someone has just followed me on Pinspire. I tried logging in but apparently, my email address has a “format error” which I could easily attribute to the “+” format email.

Since I can’t find the feedback email address for Pinspire, I’m writing my problem here and suggestion: if “+” format for email is not allowed in log-in, then don’t allow it during registration!

Codeacademy: getting you started with JavaScript

Programming is an essential part of learning computers. You won’t be learning just about computer hardware — that’s what technicians are for. To be a computer “scientist”, you have to learn software and how to code. Though not in exactly in the “scientific research” category, JavaScript is one language you can use to learn about how to communicate to your computer. gives 8 easy interactive lessons for you to get started with the basics of programming using JavaScript.

Having had only a college degree and some basics of computer programming, I must say that has a good interface for the user. Instructions are on the left side of the website with a big console in the middle. I don’t think it’s meant to be customizable so you can’t change it into your own console theme (green on black ala-The Matrix or plain white on black) but it serves its purpose. You can “Run” and “Save” and edit your code. However, I’m not sure if you need a compiler for JavaScript or it’s built in. Do you really just “Run” a program straight from code? Well, the console shows you errors so I guess it’s pre-compiled. But I’m just an amateur so I don’t think the person who’s trying to learn to code shouldn’t be thinking about that yet. And that’s a good thing.

In about an hour, I finished the “tutorial”. I was hoping for more lessons but alas, there were none. Codeacademy was hoping for more lessons as well and gave me a notification about writing lessons for other computer languages! I sure hope the community would grow and be of help to those who, just like me, want to discover or re-discover the joys of programming.

being on Google+

I’m really not into social networking but I do have a handful of blogs, I read a lot of blogs, and I also have (yes, I’m going to say it) Facebook. But before Facebook was launched there was Friendster. I had that too but it’s dead now so… and I still have Multiply. I *tried* myspace but i was always spammed with hot girl pictures whom I suspect to be actually 200-pound middle-aged ladies in some foreign country. To say the least, myspace was “too American” for my taste.

And now, Google has come up with Google+. I honestly think this is a re-thought Google Wave + Buzz. Geeks working inside Google must’ve been thinking individually about their passions that’s why these came along separately. Facebook had nothing to work on except for a social networking base so they piled them into that platform. So I guess that worked for Facebook and then Google, not wanting to be a copycat, didn’t directly want to compete with Facebook but that was inevitable IMO.

A couple of days with Google+ has not been all rosy and cheery. I don’t like the size of fonts, images posted, and spacing. Makes me grow muscles on my index finger having to scroll down after every 2 posts by my friends! But what I do like is the way they notify you and how you can respond to them on the Notification window/drop-down menu itself. Saves loading time! And I get to format text on my statii. (isn’t the plural of status statii? :P)

So right now, the more I use Google+, the more I am attracted. But I’m not ready to jump ship yet.

GWave Experience so far…

I was not really interested with the reinvention of the e-mail by Google a.k.a. Wave. What I understood from the stuff I’ve been seeing everywhere online is that it’s a collaborative tool for people online. It’s how e-mail ‘should have been invented’ if it were done in the 21st century. And I see the potential and can see how this is a great idea… But by limiting the number of ‘testers’, this becomes a big drawback for Wave.

I recently got an invite. And I’m like, “What now?”

I have only 2 contacts on Google Wave so far. And they’re not exactly my ‘collaborators’ in anything in particular… We can chat real-time. But that’s what an IM is for. I can’t write them any email because Google Wave IS NOT email even if you have a account. All I can send them are waves. But I don’t want to send them waves!

And then, those people that I (somehow) *need* to collaborate with, I can’t invite. Because Wave is currently on ‘preview’. So that’s just what I can do with Wave right now. PREVIEW it!

An idea just popped in my head right now. You know what Google Wave will be perfect for? It’s digging for old conversations and fights you had with your girlfriend or boyfriend and then responding to that wave. heeeheee… I’m sure soon enough, one of you will be waving ‘goodbye’ to the other…

Where should I host my pictures?

Now that digital cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper, storing photos digitally, instead of having them printed and stored in an album, is the way to go. With hard drive capacities getting larger and larger, we can store as many photos as we want on our own PCs. Then we back-up the photos if we want a certain degree of peace of mind on a second drive (either with RAID or just copying them onto another HDD).

picasa logo


And then there’s the Internet way. But which one?

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Google Chrome is a big Pokeball

Yeah, it’s a big Pokeball. 😀 hahaha…

But what I don’t like about it (or the one thing that’s keeping me from moving to Chrome from FF) is RSS Feeds!!!

I was happy because during setup, Chrome immediately imported my bookmarks from Firefox and I said to myself, “This is the beginning of a new internet experience!” after seeing and feeling the difference. And then came the big let-down. No RSS!!! Chrome doesn’t support RSS yet so all those Web 2.0 RSS stuff I’ve looked for and subscribed are gone in Chrome. Argh!!!

Please Google, get RSS to work with Chrome. I mean I really like the simple look and feel of Chrome. But somehow, FF still trumps you. But in all fairness, this is beta right? Please get things right. Please? Thanks!!!