Windows Media Player Plug-in Gone After Firefox 21 Update

I hate updates. Specially those that aren’t seamless. And even more when it’s your browser.

I am one of the hard-headed people who still use Firefox as their web browser even if a lot of people have been endorsing the speed and low-memory consumption of Chrome. But I don’t think I’ll be converted anytime soon… even if it has its drawbacks. Case in point: Firefox 21 update and the Windows Media Player plug-in not working after it.

Well, a quick Google of the problem showed me this discussion and the simple man’s solution, I’m reposting it here:

Rather than messing around with the registry, which can be fraught with danger – and will also need to be done every time the plugin version number changes – this is the easiest solution:

1 Open a new tab and type about:config into the address bar.
2 Click on the button that says “I’ll be careful, I promise”.
3 In the search bar at the top, type plugins.load
4 That will show you a line which says plugins.load_appdir_plugins – which will be set to false.
5 Highlight that line by right-clicking on it. Select “Toggle” – that will change the setting to true.
6 Close the tab and restart Firefox. Your missing plugin(s) should now be visible and work as before.

Was that useful to you? Drop me a “Thank You” in the comments section. And hat tip to Vitesse for the step-by-step instructions how to do it.


How I stopped Windows 7 RC from restarting…but

It’s already March 18 and the trial period for Windows 7 RC expired weeks ago. I’ve had the unfortunate fate of not being able to afford (yet) Windows 7 Ultimate. So Windows kept on restarting after every 2 hours. Right smack in the middle of me working on unsaved documents and spreadsheets and programs!!!

So while I’m saving up for my Windows 7, my temporary solution is to set my PC date back to January of this year with the same day. Now I just have to keep in mind that it’s March, not January. 😀

But this technique doesn’t go without any problems. I’ve had security certificate problems, log-in problems on Firefox and bookmarks/RSS don’t update. A quick fix albeit tedious task to recover from RSS that don’t update is to adjust your date in the morning to TODAY and then refresh your RSS and then set it back to an earlier date.

Getting GRUB back after a Windows Reinstall

Windows can sometimes be a pain. It’s a good thing Linux is out there. Unfortunately, when Windows messes up (which is often), it takes Linux with it sometimes. boo…

XP was getting really slow at the office. So I jumped the gun and decided to shoot it in between the eyes (figuratively speaking of course) and had to reinstall it. I have a dual-boot machine which has Ubuntu on the other side by the way. And after the reinstall, XP assumed that it was the only thing in existence… Superiority complex? (doh)

So I had to get back my Ubuntu! I want it back coz it’s pretty! Besides, I want to discover what’s 9.10 is all about. heehee… Fortunately, The How-To Geek comes to the rescue. The following is just a reworded version:

First, boot from a Live CD. Run Terminal and type the following:

sudo grub

grub starts here and you type the following inside grub:

find boot/grub/stage1 

#(this’ll show you what to type in the next line. It basically searches where grub was installed in the ‘old’ system.)

root (hd0,0) 

#(assuming that grub is in hd0,0. change this according to the location with the find command)

setup (hd0)

Then restart your system without the LiveCD. DONE! 😀

AVG 8.0

AVG 8 is finally out and it looks great!!! I just hope it’s not as intrusive. I’m not really fond of the twirling icon on every link on my Google search results. At least it integrates Anti-Spy already and not package it as another software… less clutter on my taskbar. yipee!!! 🙂

My Favorite Yahoo! Widgets

Eversince I discovered Yahoo! Widgets, I’ve always been on the prowl for useful widgets for myself in the office. Not necessarily for productivity but for the FYI stuff — general information.

My fave Y! Widget would be the World Clock widget. You get to run multiple copies of the widget and set them at different major cities in the world and get a view of the times in those cities simultaneously. Arrange them in any way you like! Diagonal, across the top of the desktop, at the bottom, like a flower, it’s up to you. And then the face of the clock shows you the ‘lighting’ at that area at the time. so if it’s 3 AM, it’s going to be dark. At 6 AM, it’ll be reddish or orange to indicate it’s dawn in the area… neat huh? (yeah, in a geeky kind of way).

how to “print screen” a DOS app at full screen in XP

printscreen_small.jpgEver had this problem? You have a DOS-based utility or program that runs at full screen. You can’t have it windowed. It just minimizes itself. Pressing the “F12” button or PrintScreen button doesn’t work. Pressed almost everything, (yeah, Ctrl +, Alt +, Shift +, even Ctrl + Shift + right?) and still nothing!

You try another bunch of screen capture apps like SnagIt, Print Screen Deluxe, etc. NOTHING…

And since I was needing an immediate solution to getting this ‘image’ from the screen, I was almost about to grab a digital camera and take a picture of my monitor!!! Imagine how that would look like in a presentation.

Don’t despair! Looks like you just haven’t Googled enough yet. 😀 heehee… Good thing I found this DOS-based program. Yeah, yeah… I didn’t check if it’s spyware or virus. Just like most of the things I mention here (like that AquaDock which is supposed to be malware thing),  I don’t really mind because as long as it serves its purpose, in this case printing the full screen of a DOS program, I’m fine with it. Besides, my PC isn’t slowing down because of anything, by my last SpybotS&D scan. It’s because I’m filling up my HDD with stuff! hahaha…

My advice right now, before we go any further, download at your own risk.

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