got a question?

Actually, this is more of a feedback area, I guess. Post your comments, questions, suggestions and maybe share your own tips, too!

And if you’re lucky, you might even find romance… (yeach!) LOL


2 thoughts on “got a question?

  1. Could you provide me with some additional details on how to delete Folder Lock?

    I tried to uninstall it, but now can’t access my “Task Manager,” and I thought I had been able to remove it using the Unlocker.

    hmmm… you’re on Vista? that would be weird. my task manager still appears on my PC. will check this problem out.

  2. I purchased Altec Lansing VS2420 speakers but cannot them to work with my computer? Don’t believe they came with any installation software? I’m sure it’s obvious, but anyone have a hint out there, what I can try to get to work… thanks : )

    hey Sharon! Thanks for dropping by.
    Anyway, speakers should work just fine right out of the box. Just make sure that 1) The power cord is plugged in, 2) The power button is switched on, and 3) The jack is inside the right port.

    If it doesn’t work, better check with the store or another PC. Have them connect it to a PC there and play audio.
    Hope this helps! 🙂

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