Pinspire Beta problem

I often go for the underdog. That’s why I have plurk instead of twitter. well, that is until I *needed* twitter.

So Pinterest has been making waves on the net as some “new tumblr” (which I never signed up for) and soon, Pinspire was born. People are saying that it’s almost an exact replica of Pinterest’s format, even the execution of functions. So I decided to try it out. And I lost, well, inspiration!

I signed up using the “+” method in Gmail for better email organization. I confirmed the email address using the link they sent to my account and then almost forgot about it. This morning, I was quite a bit excited seeing how someone has just followed me on Pinspire. I tried logging in but apparently, my email address has a “format error” which I could easily attribute to the “+” format email.

Since I can’t find the feedback email address for Pinspire, I’m writing my problem here and suggestion: if “+” format for email is not allowed in log-in, then don’t allow it during registration!


Counterfeit Nokia BP-4L Battery?

I needed to replace my BP-4L battery so I bought one from those mall stalls. It’s one thing that they admit that they only sell imitation electronics and gadgets but it’s a different matter when you pass-off something as “original” or a genuine product when it’s really not. We hear this often as “Class A” products.

I bought this one and was told that this was “original” from Nokia. I had my doubts so I still haggled with the price a little. After opening and comparing my original BP-4L with the one from the box, it was somehow pretty evident that they were just after my money. Here are some shots I took for you to compare:

Although it may not seem fair because I’m comparing one battery that came with my Nokia phone with a replacement battery, I would think that Nokia produces the same batteries with their genuine enhancements/accessories and would differ very slightly from the ones pre-packed in the units they are selling.

First sign was the label. If you’ve heard of RTFM when having a problem, you should RTFL (label) when buying stuff. Or maybe that’s just my way of saying “Read the Fine Print” 😀 I hope you don’t buy stuff like this anytime soon.

By the way, Happy Holidays!

Codeacademy: getting you started with JavaScript

Programming is an essential part of learning computers. You won’t be learning just about computer hardware — that’s what technicians are for. To be a computer “scientist”, you have to learn software and how to code. Though not in exactly in the “scientific research” category, JavaScript is one language you can use to learn about how to communicate to your computer. gives 8 easy interactive lessons for you to get started with the basics of programming using JavaScript.

Having had only a college degree and some basics of computer programming, I must say that has a good interface for the user. Instructions are on the left side of the website with a big console in the middle. I don’t think it’s meant to be customizable so you can’t change it into your own console theme (green on black ala-The Matrix or plain white on black) but it serves its purpose. You can “Run” and “Save” and edit your code. However, I’m not sure if you need a compiler for JavaScript or it’s built in. Do you really just “Run” a program straight from code? Well, the console shows you errors so I guess it’s pre-compiled. But I’m just an amateur so I don’t think the person who’s trying to learn to code shouldn’t be thinking about that yet. And that’s a good thing.

In about an hour, I finished the “tutorial”. I was hoping for more lessons but alas, there were none. Codeacademy was hoping for more lessons as well and gave me a notification about writing lessons for other computer languages! I sure hope the community would grow and be of help to those who, just like me, want to discover or re-discover the joys of programming.

being on Google+

I’m really not into social networking but I do have a handful of blogs, I read a lot of blogs, and I also have (yes, I’m going to say it) Facebook. But before Facebook was launched there was Friendster. I had that too but it’s dead now so… and I still have Multiply. I *tried* myspace but i was always spammed with hot girl pictures whom I suspect to be actually 200-pound middle-aged ladies in some foreign country. To say the least, myspace was “too American” for my taste.

And now, Google has come up with Google+. I honestly think this is a re-thought Google Wave + Buzz. Geeks working inside Google must’ve been thinking individually about their passions that’s why these came along separately. Facebook had nothing to work on except for a social networking base so they piled them into that platform. So I guess that worked for Facebook and then Google, not wanting to be a copycat, didn’t directly want to compete with Facebook but that was inevitable IMO.

A couple of days with Google+ has not been all rosy and cheery. I don’t like the size of fonts, images posted, and spacing. Makes me grow muscles on my index finger having to scroll down after every 2 posts by my friends! But what I do like is the way they notify you and how you can respond to them on the Notification window/drop-down menu itself. Saves loading time! And I get to format text on my statii. (isn’t the plural of status statii? :P)

So right now, the more I use Google+, the more I am attracted. But I’m not ready to jump ship yet.

tpPC Top Tip: When in doubt, fire up that Virtual Machine

image from here.

Some people like me are just too curious (or too nosy) with stuff they find. Most of the time, those things that have a sense of mystery about them are the most intriguing and you just can’t wait to open them up. Much like Pandora’s Box… and just like the same box, it sometimes holds stuff that we actually DON’T want like malware or viruses. So before you open that Flash disk or CD or DVD you found in the office, get a virtual machine first and disable all access features. This is what Lifehacker suggests after reading an study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security on government employees.

Virtual machines are now easier to find and install. If you have Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate, you can get run Virtual PC, otherwise you’ll have to look for something like VirtualBox. It’ll be worth the trouble for you and your company.

But if you have someone you hate at the office, use his or her PC instead. Haha!

well, it’s been quite a while

I never realized I haven’t been posting anything here for over a year. Maybe because I didn’t find time or find anything really interesting to post. Or maybe because I’m just another douche bag. Who knows?

I just got interested again in tech blogging, but because I’m not tied to any agency or company that reviews technology nor do I have any background about the new media and stuff, I guess no one would be willing to hire me just yet or listen to make any credible reviews or be invited to product launches. I still get influenced mainly by what I hear or see from other bloggers, not from personal experience of new technology. I usually just get to review stuff I buy, not those things that companies give away to professional bloggers for free. (I really must be dreaming of this that’s why I blog! LOL)

Can I be credible? Can I be impartial? Can I be fair in judging products? Will you hire me if I promise to do those things? (shameless!) WHAT? I’m being practical! LOL

How I stopped Windows 7 RC from restarting…but

It’s already March 18 and the trial period for Windows 7 RC expired weeks ago. I’ve had the unfortunate fate of not being able to afford (yet) Windows 7 Ultimate. So Windows kept on restarting after every 2 hours. Right smack in the middle of me working on unsaved documents and spreadsheets and programs!!!

So while I’m saving up for my Windows 7, my temporary solution is to set my PC date back to January of this year with the same day. Now I just have to keep in mind that it’s March, not January. 😀

But this technique doesn’t go without any problems. I’ve had security certificate problems, log-in problems on Firefox and bookmarks/RSS don’t update. A quick fix albeit tedious task to recover from RSS that don’t update is to adjust your date in the morning to TODAY and then refresh your RSS and then set it back to an earlier date.